GHE server version: 2.19.2

License (Free Trial or Purchase license)

After Sign in, click 'Download' on top of the menu.


Step 1. Download license



Step 2. Appliance

Select Cloud vendor & region

I selected AWS & Mumbai region.


AWS 'EC2' Dashboard & Click Launch Instance

Search AMI with AMI ID: ami-06e551001e2d40c1a

Set EC2 and launch 

  • Storage add EBS at least 10GB


Read manual 1st.


Installing GitHub Enterprise Server on AWS - GitHub Help

Administrator Guides Installation and configuration Setting up a GitHub Enterprise Server instance Installing GitHub Enterprise Server on AWS Installing GitHub Enterprise Server on AWS To install GitHub Enterprise Server on Amazon Web Services (AWS), you m


Need to open 122(ssh), 8443(https) TCP port before start setup


Upload your license file & set password.


Select installation type

  • New Install


Route53 add dns


set hostname & Test domain settings


SSL setup & Click Save settings


Finish setup & Click 'Save settings' 


After finish setup and hostname not working. Then use this link



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