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Creating Amazon Route 53 Health Checks and Configuring DNS Failover



- Customer incoming through Nginx(NOT Nginx Plus), and Nginx doesn't support failover like ha-proxy. 

   I'd like to use dns-failover for stable service.




[Route53] - [Health checks] 

  1. Set your Name 
  2. Select what to monitor, I select Endpoint
  3. Endpoint setup
    1. Public IP address for each Nginx
    2. Host name (I add this '/etc/nginx/conf.d/443_health.conf' --> server_name health.mydomain.com)
    3. HTTPS (443)
    4. Path for Nginx (in my case: /etc/nginx/html/status/health.html) 
    5. set health.html  ( $ echo "alive" > health.html )
  4. Set String matching 'Yes'
  5. Search string 'alive', I already set 'STEP 3-5'
  6. Set Health checker regions




Now I have 2 Health checks


[Route53] - [Hosted zones]

Add 2 Record Sets

Edit Record Set each.

  • Routing Policy is up to you. (Multiplevalue Answer, 
  • Health Check to Associate must same IP address (Alias Values)



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